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the server has a little problem ?
ok i will c wat i can do
can you pleas reset my passord i havet not more and i will so play on the server the server is good
Thanks =D
i remember :sick:)
The Official Elite-Play Minecraft Server Presentation Video is finally live!

I was thinking of making a presentation for our server and players since the server start and today is the day that it is live on YouTube!

You can view the video here and if you like it you can subscribe to my channel and like it, post a nice comment! I have put some time and work in it so I would appreciate it.


New spawner system (another VIP feature)

SEO EPFounder posted May 25, 14
Hey everyone, we implemented a new spawner system in the server.

Normal players won't be able to buy spawners with the in-game money anymore. You will have to go to the Shop and buy them there.

As for VIP players, there's another feature. You will be able to break and gather spawners with a Silk Touch enchanted tool and also buy them with your in-game money.

So, if you want spawners, you will either have to purchase VIP or buy them for 1 euro each.

A suggestion made by Latvian aka TheGamingLatvian

New VIP feature!

SEO EPFounder posted May 23, 14
We installed a Trail plugin that will let VIP players to have amazing trail effects behind their locations! VIPs will be able to select from 21 different trails that will appear when they walk.
All the current and upcoming VIP players will get this feature.
Type /trail to get your trail!

A suggestion made by Latvian aka TheGamingLatvian

Server back up!

SEO EPFounder posted May 20, 14
We removed the whitelist and server is public again now.

Please join and test the plugins so we know what should be fixed and what's working.

Thank you!
SEO EPFounder Thank you for reporting. That should be fixed now.
TGLatvian Staff SEO- faction commands are not alowed for us (players) I think its only for admins because on some commands it shows in R ...
Hey guys. 
We know server just started back recently and everything but its currently going through some technical issues unfortunately.
To those who bought VIP recently We are especially sorry, but do not worry the time the server is spent down will not be counted as your VIP time.
To all players, repairs have begun and will be finished as soon as possible. 

Again, sorry for the downtime and we hope you will be patient as we try to get the server to function properly as it did before. Check shoutbox for updates on the Repair Progress.

Sorry Again. 

-Staff of ElitePlay
Trollled Staff Server is up again.
Trollled Staff SEO is busy so it can take a while and i'm trying to help him. do not worry just be patient. ...
Cloud Staff ... Spel, hes trying to fix it, and its not like hes free 24/7 so ... :/ it could be quick but it could also take a whil ...